The items in this collection have been personally selected with you in mind. I have tried to address unique stoner needs, including storage, vaping, concentrates, and organization.

I hope you have a wonderful stoner session with your new goodies! May you enjoy them as much as I do!


  • Erbanna Rae Vape Case (pattern my differ)

  • Erbanna Aztec Pipe Bag

  • GoldLeaf Patient Journal

  • No Goo Silicone Dab Keeper

  • The D'ash Bowl

  • Bee Line Thick Hemp Wick

  • Cannasmack Lip Balm

  • Phoenician Kasher Lighter Tool with Lighter

  • Phoenician Small 4-Piece Grinder

  • CBD for Life Hand & Body Massage Lotion

  • King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf

  • High Hemp Orgnaic Wraps

  • Grav Labs 4" Frosted Spoon

  • Source Orb 4 Vaporizer

TSM Essentials

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  • The Stoner Mom Essentials box will start to ship on 12/6/17 for the Holiday Season.