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Comparison Guide: Pipes, Joint Papers, and Blunt Wraps

Although most of us can agree that all three options in this title certainly get the job done, there are differences between the three that go beyond their physical appearance. If you clicked on this article, there is a good chance you have tried these smoking methods and have different feeling regarding each. In this article I would like to walk you through a comparison of the big three, in terms of sensation and convenience. I thought these would be good parameters to use because we are often willing to sacrifice one for another depending on the situation we are in. I hope after reading this you learn a few interesting things, and it might even help determine which method is a better fit for you as an individual.


When it comes to smoking marijuana in the plant form, sensation is typically caused by the amount of weed, and how fast we consume it. According to a study conducted by Sciencedirect, “Participants reported that they placed 50% more marijuana in blunts than in joints and placed more than twice the amount of marijuana in blunts than in pipes.”


When smoking a pipe, whether it is a dry bowl or water pipe, we tend to smoke less at a time because you cannot fit the amount of weed you would put in a blunt wrap or even a joint, inside a bowl head. Even if you ash the bowl and repack it a few times, this prolongs the periods in between hits, so the high isn’t going to hit you as fast. For this reason, smoking pipes tend to have a sensation that creeps up on you and intensifies after a few minutes, and are better for smokers who want to ease into their high. Of course, there are exceptions with certain water pipes that provide a massive amount of smoke, but for the sake of comparison we are sticking with hand pipes.

Joint Papers

As far as the sensation we get from smoking joints, it is generally a more intense high in a shorter amount of time than the pipes, because we tend to hit the joint faster as it is actively burning. In addition to this, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we are also generally putting more weed in our joints than our bowl heads. They do burn faster than blunt wraps, so even though there is less weed in joint than blunts, you are typically consuming the smoke at a faster rate. Joint papers serve as a happy medium between pipes and blunt wraps, as far as sensation goes.

Blunt Wraps

Like joint papers, blunts wraps are also actively burning which generally causes us to consume them at a greater speed than we would a pipe. Blunts however, hold more weed than joint papers, burn slower, and generally contain tobacco in their wraps. Tobacco does not give us a the same sensation as cannabis, but it certainly gives us that light headed feeling when we smoke blunts.

The greater amount of weed, combined with the light-headed feeling we get from blunt wraps, makes it pretty easy to conclude we get the most intense sensation from blunt wraps in comparison to joints and pipes. This isn’t for everyone however, as a lot of people prefer no tobacco whatsoever and choose joints or pipes. There are also several other differences between the three as far as convenience.



What is more convenient than packing a bowl? You do not have to roll or stuff anything, you simply put the product in the bowl and smoke away. The smell of the pipe itself could certainly cause inconvenience over time, but that’s why you clean them! If that’s too much effort or if you get bored with one pipe after time, you could also treat yourself to a smoking subscription box where you get a new pipe every month. With smaller hand bowls, you can even put them in your pocket, hand-bag, or the glove box of your car. When you are not on the go and don’t have them stuffed away, they are often beautiful to look at as well!

Joint Papers

Although packing a bowl head is faster than rolling a joint, most people can roll a joint much faster than they can roll a blunt due to the difference in size and the fact that joint papers are generally more durable. A lot of us do not care if we smell like Mary Jane, but for those of us that do, joints are probably the most inconvenient for that as they have a very thin paper that separates your fingers from the burning nug. This is compared to the pipe which has glass or silicone separating you from the weed, or even a blunt wrap which is much thicker than a joint. As you can see, it really matters what YOU personally define as convenience.

Blunt Wraps

Blunts definitely take the most time to prepare for consumption, but a lot of people are fine with that because they burn slower and have the tobacco sensation we previously discussed. Though they might not be the go to option if you are out with your friends and don’t want to wait too long to smoke, they certainly are great if you plan ahead for a particular night out or party. If you are planning ahead for a specific event and have some time, check out this article on how to roll a cross blunt!

I hope you learned some new things in this article, even if it is something that you noticed while smoking, but never actually thought about it in detail. No matter which method you prefer, almost all smokers can typically save time and money with a smoking subscription box, where you get all your essentials delivered right to your door each month. Sensi-Box customers receive hand curated boxes that include premium joint papers, blunt wraps, and also unique pipes (among several other essentials!) that are all exclusively designed by Sensi-Box.

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