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Guide to Rolling a Cross Blunt in 11 Simple Steps!

Many of us have seen all kinds of different blunts in movies and online. They are great for special occasions and can also serve as a creative way to wrap cannabis that you are gifting someone! As cool as they look and as enjoyable as they appear to be to smoke, they also look seen incredibly difficult to create at first site. I have created this step by step guide to show you how to roll the perfect cross blunt, I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Roll one thick blunt, and cut a second wrap in 2 pieces

Step 2: Using one half from the blunt you cut, roll a thin mini blunt

Step 3: Put the mini blunt on top on the thick blunt to form a cross, then lift up the mini blunt, and use a knife or scissors to make a little hole right where you placed it. Flip the thick blunt over, and make another little hole on the other side of the blunt, opposite from the first hole.

Step 4: Now that you have your markers, use the knife or scissors to make these holes large enough to fit the mini blunt through.

Step 5: Cut the the mini blunt in two, and wedge 1 piece in each of the two holes you made. Don't worry about them fitting super tight right now, just enough so they can stay in place without you having to hold them in place.

Step 6: Take the unused half from the mini blunt in step 2, and cut it vertically into four strips. These are going to be the band-aids to hold the cross in place.

Step 7: Take each strip, lick it, and apply it to the across in the center of the cross, to form an "X" shape on each side of the cross.

Step 8: Using a lighter, quickly move the flame across each part of the cross blunt. This will help tighten the blunt keep your work of art in place!

Step 9: Light all three ends and enjoy!!!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, feel free to post pictures of your cross blunts on social media and tag us so we can all check them them out! Please let us know if you enjoyed this and would to see more guides for olling other styles of blunts as well!

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