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Smoking Subscription Boxes: Best Gift for the Stoner in your Life?

We all know how tough gift giving can be, mostly because if you are not giving a gift card (lame!), we tend to overthink things. That is normal however, because we truly care about the recipient and want to buy them something that they will enjoy. The type of person also plays a huge factor. Let’s face it, some people are much more difficult to buy gifts for than others. If that person is a stoner however, a smoking subscription box could very well be the best gift you could buy for them. Why? They are unique, you already know they will enjoy it, and it provides convenience for ANY smoker. Let me explain:

1. They are Unique

I think we can all agree Amazon and other e-commerce websites make our lives easier. It’s incredibly easy to find exactly what we are looking for online, and have it on our doorstep in two days. This makes gift buying challenging, because that person could have easily ordered that very item themselves if they really wanted it. The trick to giving a unique gift, is to gift something the recipient something they didn’t know they wanted. Many smokers are not even aware of smoking subscription boxes, so the idea itself is unique. Sensi-Box takes the uniqueness of these subscriptions one step further,by hand curating every box and creating their own pipes. See the excerpt below from this Forbes article:

Founder Helen Ryba, after two years in business, says she wasn’t finding the right pipes for her subscription product. So the entrepreneur-artist decided to create pipes of her own. The result of that endeavor is her finely crafted ceramic ball pipes, which will begin appearing in SensiBoxes starting in April.

“I wanted something that could be left out on a shelf and look like a piece of art with a

modern, clean yet retro feel to them,” says Ryba.

2. It’s a Gift you KNOW they will Enjoy

By gifting a smoking subscription box, you are focusing on a hobby that person already enjoys and are providing them with items that enhance that hobby! More importantly, there are SEVERAL items relating to their smoking hobby in each box, and that makes the odds of gifting them something they absolutely LOVE that much higher. Let’s face it, if you purchased them a pipe or something else that could very well be the same price as a 3-month smoking box subscription, you run the risk of them not liking that item as much as you’d hope. These are all pluses with the subscription box concept in general, and why they just might be the safest gift (that is not a lame gift card).

3. Convenience!

Who is your friend that never has wraps at their place, forcing you both to get off the couch and go to the gas station every time you want to roll one up? We all have that one friend, and it is usually the one that likes smoking blunts the most. Also, when you go to the gas station down the road, you are not going to find the same items that are in these boxes. This month’s Sensi-Box contained Kong Wraps Wedding Cake flavored wraps (DELICIOUS), much preferred over the peach flavored cigars many of us are still cracking on a weekly basis.

Bonus: It’s a Gift that Keeps on Giving!

The person you give this to will appreciate your gift not only when they first receive it, but each month after that as well. There are many cases where someone gifts a three-month smoking subscription box, and after its expired, they purchased a new subscription themselves because they don’t want to live without it! That person is still going to appreciate the original subscription you bought them, because you are the one who showed them how dope the whole concept is!

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I would love this subscription box! It is also a perfect gift for someone!


Absolutely love this subscription!! I've had it for almost a year and have loved every single box I've received!!


I love this idea, it’s perfect for me. I always shop online and now this is a great way to get gifts for the people I have the hardest time finding things for.

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